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I am very emotional when I watch some films but last night I witnessed the most beautiful emotion develop that I imagine everyone in Italy shed a tear or two.

Cesare Bocci ,(alias Mimi in Montalbano) has participated in the programme of "Ballando con le stelle" dancing with the stars. He's very good and actually won the cup in first place. But thats not what  made me cry.

His wife was hit by a stroke delivering their daughter and they have managed to conduct a normal life as near as possible. don't know if the programme follows the same pattern in UK but last night the participants had to start to dance blindfolded on their own and after a few seconds, minutes they were stopped and removed the blind folds and had to dance with  new partner. his new partner was his wife, unable to walk and talk properly. she was told  that she would never walk again but the two of them worked together and she managed to walk. 

they interviewed her before the programme and she told of her love and devotion to Cesare who had been her strength and she wanted to say thank you. the reaction of seeing her was unbelievable and he hugged and hugged her.  They started to dance a waltz and although you could see that it was difficult for her but she was determined to dance. At the end of the dance he picked her up and spun her round and round. The audience was standing up and didn't stop applauding. Many of them were in tears and then the screen came up with the jury. crying .  Mariotto a famous designer was sobbing his heart out  and couldn't stop. it was the most touching thing I've seen for a long time.

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Perhaps 'Life as we know it' is actually a film being shown to beings in another dimension?   (Think I may be posting in the wrong thread.... is there one for 'Star Trek'?

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This wasn't a film it was reality. Sorry if it sounded like a story line.


just reading this topic and it came up that I had written in the forum of obituaries. Sorry it wasn't intentional.

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