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We have elections for the City Council in just over a month and there is no media forum for public debate and coverage. The Robin Hood Energy debacle should have dominated front pages, editorials and letter columns for weeks but it has all passed by largely unnoticed in Nottingham because there is no local media.


The government, no doubt, will take advantage of the "lack of interest" in the local elections as a reason to remove the last vestiges of local decision making in favour of more Whitehall control.



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Walked along Gregory Boulevard virtually every day of my young life, Trogg. Before I could walk, I was pushed along it in my pram or pushchair.   I think back to when I couldn't keep up with

Here is a link to the paper Nottingham live on Gregory Boulevard over the years with several photos , I thought it easier to put the link rather than individual photos as the written info is important

The Evening Post  belonged to us all, how many of you put birth, picture of your wedding or something in the rest in piece collom, and don't forget when you went looking for the job Tuesday night ther

On 3/21/2021 at 9:20 AM, Oztalgian said:

Have never had a paper delivered in the 45 years we have been here in OZ.

Years ago they used a machine to roll the paper so tight, put an elastic band on it and just threw it on your front garden. When it rained the first two pages were often sodden and in order to read it you had to unroll it and hold it flat or iron it to be able to read it. They then progressed to rolling it in Gladwrap which kept it dry but still left you with the problem of getting it flat. These days it is folded inside a sealed plastic bag, much more practical but still the problem of disposing of even more plastic. We only have one local daily paper and it can best be described as a comic it is owned by the Murdoch organisation so you can guess its leanings. I don't even bother looking at its website as most of it is behind a pay wall and i refuse to pay for rubbish.

Correction....... I do occasionally buy the Saturday paper as it has a lot more pages but only when we are planning to have prawns so I can wrap the shells in it or use it for masking when painting.

Years ago, when raining, the newsagent used to alert residents to collect their newpapers  by blowing a whistle.

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