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My parents had their wedding reception at The Palais on 25 June 1949.  Ben would be a tad too young for admission at that time!  The two youngest bridesmaids, aged 6 and 3 years might have found him of interest!  My cousins Rosemary and Ann. Both grew up to be very good looking and both are now deceased.



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I've merged a newly-started thread about the Palais with an old one which had existed for a few years. This is now the combined Nottstalgia knowledge of the subject.

Ay up me duck - new guy here. Used to play sax and sing in the Mike Miller Band at Nottingham Palais in the 70s.  Our 2nd band there was Tristram Shandy - it still had the revolving floor in the Bali

Palais like Locarno started going early 60s.........i'm 73 now but still get that ''same old Feeling'' (carni) when i think about walking in the places,,Band playing,,lovely lasses dancing round their

Thinking it was about '85, remember seeing WASP at the Palais, Mon/Tues night, Wrathchid supporting. 

Not a huge fan of either, too busy playing pooyan over the road at space city but had previously bought a ticket.

Anybody else attend? remember outside?

Madam X, roughly 2 Weeks later was cancelled...


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Just watching the local news.......and it showed the ''Palais'' now called 'Prizm'' or something.............was shocked to see the outside looking so 'Grubby''.......even the 'Ball'' was Grotty looking.......

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First went there as a 16 year old on a Monday nights, I don't think alcohol was on sale ;does anyone know?

Later years I used to hate wearing a jacket and a tie and trousers instead of jeans. Young clubbers nowadays don't know how lucky they are. lol

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16 hours ago, Deepdene Boy said:

LIzzie, it was where my Mam and Dad met in 1962, so without the Palais, in all probability, I wouldn't be here now.

Ditto....1936....Dad was a sax player in the band.

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On 10/26/2021 at 10:26 PM, Deepdene Boy said:

I've got a lot to be thankful for from the Palais. I wouldn't be here without itslywink

Nor would my kids, grandkids or Great grandkids! They could have all belonged to my best man, had he not ducked behind a column to dodge Mrs PP during the 'ladies excuse me'. 

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