Memories Of Old Streets Around Meadow Lane

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I enjoyed reading the Link David, anything to do with 'The Pleasure Park' always intrigues me. It was a big part of a lot of our young lives, yet very few photos seem to be around. I am always on the look out for pictures, but never find any. We weren't rich enough to own a camera so the only pictures I have are the ones in my memory. Someday when someone is having a sort out there is a chance a few pictures will turn up. Please get the shoe boxes out from under your beds and see if there are any old 'Pleasure Park' images in there collecting dust!


 An interesting Link, I imagine Michael Booth will enjoy the link, when he sees it. There has to be some memories in there for you Michael. 

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Thank you David, I have been browsing through the page. So many names in there  that my mind was positively boggled. I think it's best to read a little at a time. I quite often go into that link when I feel in a browsing mood, lots of goings on in them there olden days. There are quite a few surnames still around in the Gedling, Colwick, Carlton etc areas, that I knew to when growing up there. Of course there is the story of Savilles murder of his wife and three children. I always look up when we drive past the  Colwick woods and get a shiver at the thought. Thanks again, I always like to read about Nottm, particularly my side of the city.

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I remember Tommy Lawton arriving at the County ground, courtesy of the Weekly Post my Mother sent to me whilst away doing Nat.Service. I could not believe that County had £20,000 to pay for him so on 'demob' leave on Easter Monday 1948 I went to the 'Lane' see the match with Southend, they didn't give him a chance to shine leaning on his shoulders every time he went up for the ball so he 'fed' the ball to Jackie Sewel & Leon Luety for a 2-0 win! 30.000 gate??

The cobbler on the corner of Meadow Grove was named Limb (Lymn was/is the funeral people) opposite was Weatherall's bakery then came Grococks, grocers, Bennets beer off, corner of Holme St. KIrk and Makey's, the corners of Grainger St. Mr. Brunton kept the post office and Wake, later Ellery had the chip shop & the corner shop on Brand St.

The 'Sunday School' photo was taken outside Bitterlings mess room, a venue always available for local celebrations!

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