Pelham & Thurland Street Area

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I recall a library in that shop. Weren't they started by Jesse Boots' wife to enable poorer people to read literary works?


I remember the pens department (where most likely Phil Mayfield obtained his slide rule). I was bought my Parker 51 fountain pen there for my fifteenth birthday. I still have that pen and it works after sixty or so years. I still use it for signing important documents (of which there are a lot here!)


With the Sinclair calculator, that came out after I had finished most of my education but I did build one from a kit that he brought out. Very simple in its functions but it worked and I trusted it a lot more than I ever did the slide rule. It also taught me precision soldering.

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My maternal grandfather, a Boots employee for over 50 years, had to jump into the Pelham Street side doorway of Boots one day in the 1930s during the demolition of Narrow Marsh ....... hundreds, maybe thousands, of rats raced round the bottom corner, led by the King Rat, heading up Pelham Street and presumably then down Hockley.  My Mum remembered him getting home from work that day and telling the unbelievable story.  

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On 11/26/2019 at 10:37 AM, Cliff Ton said:

Was that the same place as this, which is now Tilt Bar, at 10 Pelham Street ?  


A door in the wall, next to the bank.

Yes, that's it! Apologies for the number gaff, obviously should be odd.. number 9 apparently! 

Overall this area Looking good..glad to see that lovely window & presumably sill are still there. Fireplace? The website more focused on food than decor..enough to call call me back for a visit early next year!


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The Bodega is a place that had completely gone from my memory. Of course I remember it now, having seen the pictures but, I am unable to think how my memory is so lacking in regard to the place. I did go there occasionally  - in those days (1970s) it was a sort of early wine bar tending towards selling cheap Spanish (mainly) wines (it was the days of Hirondelle and similar party essentials). I preferred the Thurland, just down the street  (but only marginally preferred!)

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Loved the Bodega'in the 60s,,,,met Trina in there  one sunday night,,....back then it was different to anywhere else i'd been in town.

                       Think it was just an upstairs bar,,,seemed a bit seedy (which i liked) never very busy on Sunday nights,,,just a few courting couples and a few singles like myself and mate Keith.............Unusual for the 60s in that a Pub allowed dancing,,,,it had a juke box and small cleared area perfect for slow romantic dancing.

        Been asking about the place recently and it is still there,,,upstairs for live music and a bar downstairs,,one of my sons went there recently on a date and reckons i'd still enjoy the atmosphere,,,............So intend taking Mrs Ben one sunday night soon,,,upstairs bar of course for some slow dances,,,

           Wonder if Trina still goes there ?.........:rolleyes:

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Thanks Jill,,,,yes,,i sang''' please release me '''' be honest gave the site a rest,,,think you can have too much of a good thing sometimes,,,so i gave you all a break,  ;),,at the end of the day you can also have enough of Gears manual or Automatic,,,,yes ive been 'Lurking'...................

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On 11/28/2019 at 1:13 AM, philmayfield said:

At least you didn't have to guess where the decimal point went! 

Using a slide rule helped you get an idea of the order of magnitude of a calculation.

I remember once whist mentoring some young engineers I asked one to do some stress calculations to help design a test rig. When he came back to me with the result from his scientific calculator I immediately told him something was not right, not the actual numbers in the answer but the magnitude of the number and asked him to go and check what he had done. He came back later and rather sheepishly said he had got the decimal place wrong in one of the inputs. Still have my Thornton Comprehensive slide rule somewhere and if I thought really hard I could probably do a simple multiplication.

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