Rations during World War 11 and the 50's

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Although I was 7 in 1954, and like most 7 year olds back then pretty much aware of my

world in Comyn Street, I am always surprised that I cannot remember seeing ration books in use. The weekly order was written into the "order book" and handed into the corner shop for collection on Friday, and fresh food bought as required from the shops in the area, but try as I might I just don't recall handing over ration books with the coupons. Anyone else with such a black hole in the memory?

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Nope, I well remember ration books and the shopkeeper taking the book over the counter. I had to run to Marsdens in Sneinton with the ration book and a little red notebook with a list of 'rations' to buy. No money changed hands, the cost was written in the column at side of the list and settled on payday.

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I used to wonder how they got the coloured fibres into the paper of ration books and tried, in vain, to removed them without destroying the coupon. Why? I have no idea but that sort of thing is what little kids used to do in the absence of an Xbox or some such.

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Just been a couple on the Lincs and Yorks news being interviewed in Newark, both go to work,always have done but they say there is less money left at the end of the month now than there was six years ago,hard working people in a situation like that is terrible, look around in some parts of Nottingham and no doubt other big cities and you can see some of our so called foreign cousins who have never done a days work in their lives, driving around in big BMW cars,festooned in gold bracelets and other trinkets,not getting out of bed until late afternoon ready to drive around in their big motors selling all sorts of substances to the poor unfortunates who don't have a pot to piss in, where's the justice in that,makes me bloody sick but what can you do, it's about time someone in this country stood up for the hard working,honest people of this once great country, make it great again instead of the corrupt stinking dustbin it is today but, who have we got? no body so the poor get poorer, the middle classes get poor and the people who we rely on to look after us (honest hard working decent English people) and our country just sit back and help themselves, disgusting



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