Cocked hat pub

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Do you remember a regular in there called Des, always wore cowboy or indian gear, must have cost him a fortune because it was all top quality gear, this would be in the 70's



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Yes quite correct it was Arthur Jacklin and he did have a club foot. Can't remember how many years he was there, I lived there from 1957- 1968, but still worked the disco till 1972 and I am sure he was still working on Friday and Saturday nights then 


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Hi Chieftain,

Sorry i don't have any photos of your Grandfather, he used to introduce the acts as well as play thepiano. I am sure he used to ride a motorbike with a sidecar. Was your Mother his daughter?



I have just watched the film but I don't recognize the room as being the big Assembly room at the back of the Cocked Hat, but I wasn't still there in 1979, I thought NJD were still doing the discos then. The item on you tube an ATV documentary is rock and roll, and that was definitely not Arthur's type of music. One of the comments on this video says it is not the Cocked Hat, but the Beacon.


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Growing up in the 1950s The Cocked Hat area provided endless fun for local kids.

Playing cowboys and Indians, hide and seek, climbing the wall and swinging on the pub sign, PDSA van comings and goings and watching beer barrel delivery from the chute and ogling the boozers through the window. Great outside area in summer.

Those were the days!

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