Looking for my birth mother - Susan Allen

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Hi, my name is Darren Clement Thompson. 
I was born on 29th June 1965 in St. Richard's Hospital in Chichester to a young lady called Susan Allen. She named me Carl, but when I was adopted my name was changed. I have found out that she was 18 when she had me, 5ft 5in tall, fair hair and blue/grey eyes, she is described as attractive and well built, a Methodist, was originally from Nottingham and worked as a dictaphone typist for the Royal Exchange Insurance (Assurance) Company. She was in the Grammar Stream of a Secondary Modern school between approximately 1957-1963. (Still to determine which one). She lived at 9, Middlefell Way, Clifton, Nottingham with her adoptive mother and father who owned a 'fish shop' (I'm guessing a fishmonger rather than a fish and chip shop).She was on holiday in Bognor Regis when I made my entrance into the world. 
Now married with 2 gorgeous daughters of my own I would be grateful for any information, however small, as regards Susan. I know this can be an emotive subject and I am quite prepared for any outcome,  but I would just like the opportunity to know. I have had loads and loads of help and advice from people on here but there seems to be one final little thing that's missing that would put all the pieces together. I now have joined various Nottingham and Chichester based Facebook pages which seems like the way to go for now. Someone, somewhere MUST know something. I have my original birth certificate and adoption notes. Thanks for taking the time to read this and please feel free to message me any time. Cheers!

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Darren, I really hope you find your birth mum. I know what an emotive subject it is as a couple of friends have been through the process...traumatic at times...of finding their birth parents and siblings they never knew existed.


You are very brave to walk down this path and I understand why you want to do it.


Every success in your search.

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Darren I too wish you luck. The same thing happened to my cousin in Australia who had an unexpected letter from who turned out to be her sister. The sister was looking for her birth mother ( my aunt) and eventually found the family but unfortunately was too late to meet her natural mum. It was a wonderful experience to meet her a few years ago. All the best.

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