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That is a great link CT! Mrs PP's family are Arnold people with a history. Her grandma had a shop on Front St and her granddad had a hosiery firm. When the Bonnington was demolished I procured some nice timber for work benches etc. There was also a car breaker there that I used several times to keep my old bangers going.

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What was the shop on Front Street your wife's family had PP. I ask as my mothers grandparents had 'Ellis Bakery' on Front street which is now occupied by Birds. 

There is a book now available which names and gives brief details of everyone from the Arnold area who was involved in the Great War. It surprised me how thick the book is and how many of my family members are mentioned. 

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Sorry, her grandma's shop was on Calverton Rd. A S Stimpson, general grocers. I'm looking at a photo now and it is a red brick  corner shop with large Lyons Tea and Colmans Mustard signs above the shop.


And yes, the breakers yard was on Cross St.

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