Helen and Margaret Morton

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My name is Malcolm Rodgers. I would very much like to contact my lost cousins Helen and Margaret with whom I have lost touch. They lived in Bancroft Street and Brooklyn Road, Bulwell. Margaret relocated to Saltfleetby in Lincolnshire. I have recently discovered Helen tried to contact myself through Sheffield forum 6 years ago but i was unaware of this until recently and my reply has gone unanswered. Helen’s dad, Walter, was a deputy at Linby Colliery. Any information would be gratefully received but if they would prefer to be undisturbed I would understand. Please contact me via the PM messaging system or by posting a reply to this thread.

Thankyou for reading this.

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Welcome to Nottstalgia Malcolm but a caution for you:


It is VERY unwise to give your email address on a public forum. There are all sorts of undesirables and bots which trawl the Internet searching for such information to use for nefarious purposes.


If you want members to contact you, use the private messaging service on the forum itself.


You should edit your post (or ask a moderator to edit your post) to give yourself some protection.

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