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Way back in the late 50's to early 60's, on Bond Street , Arnold , were two long , low wooden cabins. They were on the right hand side as you walked up from High St.

They were used around this time for Wolf Cub and Girl Guide meetings, and looked as if they had been built for some years.

Who originally built them and for what purpose..?

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Sorry, these cabins were on Cavendish St. which runs parallel to Bond St..just checked my map. They were separated by a small courtyard big enough for car parking and emergency vehicles...They were fully equipped with a large kitchen and a coke fired central stove. As per original post ...who built them and why?

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Mot the hopeful, I hope someone can enlighten you about the wooden cabins.  I grew up in Arnold but over the other side (posh end!) and never spent any time down in that area.  Actually there don’t seem to be many  Nottstalgian Arnoldites but with luck someone might be able to answer your query.  

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Don't know the street but there are two possibles from the news archives and both in the early  1930s .

Thought the first option most likely but then the article goes on to say that 18,000 bricks were laid for this building unless that was just the base ?

The recreation centre was there to train the unemployed in woodwork , leatherwork and "boot mending" !

So could the buildings have been the Church Mission huts  as per the second article ?


ARNOLD’S WORKLESS Occupation and Recreation Centre Opened. The occupational and recreational centre In Cavendish-street, Arnold, for the Arnold unemployed, was opened

 ARNOLD’S WORKLESS Occupation and Recreation Centre Opened. The occupational and recreational centre In Cavendish-street, Arnold, for the Arnold unemployed, was opened Saturday afternoon by Mrs. F. E. Seely. Mr. C. H. Saxton, the hon. secretary ........ 
04 September 1933 - Nottingham Journal - Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England


 A two-day bazaar was opened yesterday in the St. Mary’s Church Mission Hut, Cavendish-street, Arnold, by Mrs. K. E. Seely, the object being to raise funds for building new Sunday school. The openlng ceremony was presided over by the Rev. Giles....... 
09 December 1932 - Nottingham Journal - Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, Englan
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Many thanks for swift replies.

Picture the scene...

Sweltering midsummer afternoon in mid fifties, a motley collection of well scrubbed small boys are waiting outside said cabin for Akela, a diminutive very well spoken elderly lady, to lead them on their nature walk.

Just outside a well worn cart pulled by a huge horse was awaiting the return of it's equally huge driver. During it's enforced wait the horse was steadily depositing a vast pyramid of steaming dung, around which the assembled flies were having a feast.

Akela jabbed her gnurled walking stick in the air, bringing the advancing column of eager boys to a sudden halt. At that moment a brawny, soot covered figure in a long leather apron emerged from a doorway opposite.

"I say my man, kindly remove this animal " breathed Akela in her cultured Oxford accent.

At which, the black streaked colossus roared ( in broad arnold) " wait, yer nosey old cah..!

Slight pause.....

Akela advances to the rear of the now curious horse and, raising her ancient walking stick, declares ( in even broader arnold)...

"If yuh don't shift this old nag, and sharpish,...I'll whack it on the and yuh won't catch it till next week..!!!

The courtyard echoed to the sound of many small jaws dropping to it's gravelly floor as the chastened curmudgeon leapt onto the driving seat and clattered away.

You can't judge a book by it's cover.

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