Alderman William Derbyshire school 1970-75

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On 11/19/2018 at 1:56 AM, Brut33 said:

Do you know why Alderman Derbyshire was not on the schools list? Seems very odd. 

I was there in Blenheim house 1971

Mr Peters was the woodwork teacher, had better eyebrows than thunderbird puppets

Mr Wardman was the music teacher

Mr Turrent was headmaster

Mr Scotney was english teacher and died very young

Had my TB jab in the library 

School assembly was cancelled due to other religions in the school

Had the same gym and metalwork teachers

The concorse had most of the classrooms of it

The concrete was degrading and so the place was pulled down shortly after I left

I remember glen birkin being a really funny guy and played golf with him once

My french teacher was the only surviving member of his squadron in the RAF and used to cain us with his slipper (Oswald) used to have a frog on his desk with a peppermint on his mouth

But forgot his name

Such a long time ago




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Welcome to NS, Eric. Sounds like there were a few eccentrics at your school. We love school stories on NS and would love to hear some more.

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Welcome aboard Eric. You sure it wasn't your fault they pulled it down? I never went to a posh school, so I don't know.

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