Cantrell Rd School, Bulwell, Nottingham 1964 to 1970

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Ok the part went very smoothly, now let see if the important part works. If it does I'll repeat this on a new entry on the Forum for Highbury Infant school as we don't seem to have one (just Highbury senior and junior boys school) 

So assuming you are now looking at a photo this would have been taken around 1965/66 if I'm correct. That's me Keith on the far right (not my politics, the guy pointing at the snake in the centre is Adrian Hallam (who I still dislike to this day even though I haven't seen him for fifty years, he knows why) The guy at the bottom of the photograph on the left is I think Gregory Turner (not 100%) Can't remember any of the girls names, I wasn't into girls back then...But I did get over it.  I bet the girl bottom right became an absolute stunner, wasn't she pretty. highbury-primary-school-with-me.jpg 

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On 11/18/2018 at 1:30 PM, Brut33 said:

I have to say I'm finding this site a little strange as two of the three schools that I attended were not on this list of Nottingham schools? Could someone explain this to me? The Previous school I just entered 'Alderman Derbyshire' in Bulwell must have had literally thousands of pupils pass through it's sorry doors between 1970 and the year 2000 alone, why has no one set up a discusion page about it? Or has there been one and it's been removed??? I don't get it.

And the same with Cantrell Rd school. that's been around since 1948 and is still open, where is the discussion forum for it??? 


Anyway that aside, Cantrell rd I went there as an infant in 1964 when I was five, at some point we were moved to Highbury (possibly Highbury infant school) all I know is that it was on Albert street (which doesn't exist in Bulwell now) that school had two air raid shelters in the playground, outdoor toilets and a room we went to watch BBC education programs in. I'm pretty sure while we were at Highbury the decision was made to demolish the schools and we were moved back to Cantrell rd where I stayed until moving to Alderman Derbyshire in 1970. 


I remember a few names from Cantrell rd including Elizabeth Leverton bless her she was heart broken when she accidentally knocked the classroom Goldfish off killing the fish, some of the class toe rags (and there were a few) used to tease her and whisper dead fish in her ear and get her all upset again, poor thing, hope you are ok now Lizzy. I also remember Neil Drury and his mate 'something' Hallam can't remember his first name, only that he was removed from the school, I don't remember his mate fondly!! Teachers Mr Richy with his stick insects he was very nice, Mr Anderson who was less nice, he used to write too quickly on the blackboard and then start wiping it off before you had time to copy it down. I hold Mr Anderson responsible for my awful handwriting to this day. The head was Mrs Eyre Jane actually, yes our head was also a novel by Emily Bronte.

Anyway if you were at Cantrell between 1964 and 1970 I would love to hear your memories and add a few more names to the list.           




I was a year older than you.  Years did not mix much didn't they? - So we probably don't know each other.  But I was in Mr Anderson's class and I thought he was great.  Such a shame that he had a heart attack and we had a succession of supply teachers.  Did he go back to Cantrell Road then?  If you were younger than me, I suppose he must have done.

I knew a boy called Stephen Hallam,  He used to rock sideways when he was standing (just a way of identifying him).  He stayed in Mr Richie's class with Peter Simpson when we all moved up to Mr Anderson's in the last year at Cantrell Primary.  Peter was a friend of mine and said they did it because they wanted an easy time, which they would get with Mr Ritchie.


How about this - my son recently did some supply work at Cantrell Road.  It's sort of mindblowing to think that he was walking the same corridors that I did as a child, 50+ years ago.

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Welcome to Nottstalgia, Escapee.


This Mr Anderson wasn't Scottish was he? Smallish, bespectacled and usually wore a grey suit?

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The first house I lived in was directly opposite Cantrell Road school but we left Bulwell when I was five. I have a vague memory of going to Cantrell Road school for half a day before we moved to West Hallam, this would be in 1961. A couple of years later we moved back to Nottingham (Wollaton) as my Dad wasn't coping with the commute to work.

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