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Anthony here....


Right - the toys are all over the floor!!


I've just realised I'm double booked with my two lovely young ladies. Toss a coin....Heads (Vi) & Bread and Dripping sarnies, Tail's (Barbara) and a full breakfast. Ummmm..


"Head's it is" - I going round to Vi's at 10:00 to check out some more postcards,( and do her garden!!!).



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Dear All   First chance to get on line to see the responses to my very first post. Wow!! What a turn out. I have assumed that the 'Reply to this topic' button will reach all respondents

A couple of years ago I was in contact with Kate Turner, thanks to RobL putting us in touch.  I of course do remember Kate from almost 50 years ago, she’s the big sister of my old boyfriend John Aslin

my maiden name was Tivey, Mr and Mrs Tivey who lived on standhill road  were my fathers grandparents. He was given away as a baby by his parents, Charles Tivey and Lilian Boothe., and lived with his g

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Anthony , sorry to harp on but the Park Road VE Day celebration was actually held on Elm Avenue which is off Park Road , as you can see from the road sign on this pic . My brother and sister are in this photo . If you follow the link I gave before there is another photo of the kids seated .




Here's the link again .


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2 hours ago, Anthony Hood said:

Well I know there was a 'turning head' at Carlton Square...There must have been a 'passing point' on Main Street West ie up the hill. Can someone advise where take location was?


There were several passing points up the length of Carlton Hill.

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Anthony here....


You will recall on Saturday that I thought I had hit the 'mother-load' with regards to postcards... I said to Vi have you ever taken the postcards out to see what had been written. She said no, as the album is too delicate to handle in places and that the album is over 120-years old...

I said to Vi that there is a wealth of information on the reverse of the postcards, and with that in mind I carefully removed a card from with a photo of Bigbury on Sea....To cut a long story short, I've been looking for the birth of Vi's grandmother for 2-weeks. Vi said that she thought her name was Widdecombe or Wakeham.....The post card (stamped Kimberley 13 Jul 1909, that I (deliberately and on purpose removed...) ended "...I will write soon, with love to all, L.Wakenham". We both shouted at the same time "We've found her" and hugged each other!!


I said to Vi that we must start turning the postcards over to have a good read - all 200no of them!!!


Here's the rub...The album is so delicate that removing the postcards would destroy the pages in places. I am thinking of using my scalpel and tweezers to cut one corner tab on each postcard to 'tease' the postcards out of the album, read, photograph and catalogue each one, return it to the album and repair each tab.


So my next project is to research repairing photo album tabs...some of them have literally turned to 'dust'.


I know one of you guys or gals have done this before, so some advise would be most appreciated.


My list of projects is increasing daily.....




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Anthony here....


It's amazing how one word can change the direction of a conversation and create, yes.......another project!!


You will recall that I have been reading all our comments back to Vi. In one thread I asked..."and for my delectation". Vi said Leonard Sacks used to say that on The Good Old Days. cut a long conversation short!!! Vi mentioned that she was in a episode of The Good Old Days...It was at City Variety in Leeds.


I asked a question that I had thought about in the past...Did the BBC issue costumes to the audience upon their arrival. Vi said "No" she made her own. I said oh yes you were a Dressmaker. She said "No my dear, I was a Tailoress, rather firmly"....oophs, I thought they were one and the same thing. I swiftly moved on by asking Vi what she wore to the theatre.


Unfortunately Vi didn't have a photo of her in the costume (I was surprised that she did not have one), so I asked her to describe it......A high neck, leg of mutton sleeves and the hobble dress. Huh....what the.... leg of mutton, hobble dress. If scratching my head now. I asked Vi what the flip is a hobble dress. "The only way to walk in a hobble dress is 'hobble', as the dress is so tight around the legs. Wow, I am getting educated here!!!


Vi said she had a copy of the episode on video, went upstairs on the chairlift and came down with an old VHS video. I said you know you can transfer from VHS cassette to DVD nowadays, and that I could get it done by somebody.


And thus today's project...deliver the video cassette to expert. I've found a local guy... and have asked him to do the DVD before Saturday. I'm gonna surprise Vi by showing the DVD at my house on the 55inch tv.


It'll be a blast....



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On 1/31/2019 at 8:26 PM, Anthony Hood said:


The Tivey name keeps cropping up in messages. Firstly from Cliff Ton, secondly a Tivey has just joined GVPS and thirdly from you.


I last spoke to Vi on Monday and when I mentioned the name Tivey, she said that Mr & Mrs Tivey lived next door to her on Standhill Road. She only knew the parents as Mr & Mrs Tivey (as she was young), but was friends with their children, Harry & Ida. Ida had a son called Fred.




my maiden name was Tivey, Mr and Mrs Tivey who lived on standhill road  were my fathers grandparents. He was given away as a baby by his parents, Charles Tivey and Lilian Boothe., and lived with his grandparents. Harry and Ida also lived there. Ida was not my dads mother, maybe people thought she was, my dad was Frederick who sadly passed away aged 68.My  dads parents went on to have more children, sydney, david, derek, brenda, june, also two more sisters marjorie and eveline, who both died from TB in their early 20s.I never heard my Dad mention a Vi,but he would have been very young.

i am still on the search for a photo of the house where i was born but no luck so far.There were 4 houses that stood back ,up some steps ,next to the nags head pub,we lived in the end house next to an orchard.

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