Will Posts Reach 1000 This Month?

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Hello People

I see the stats are rocketing AGAIN just over the past week.

This month is going to be another record!

Look at the bottom of the main forum index the posts are 800+

When they reach 1000 I will treat you all to a new domain name.

I managed to think of a good one B)

It means me stickin me and in me pocket again, but hey! we have a great

crowd here.

When I get back from LA I will register the name, and it will take a while to migrate

the forums, without losing data :blink:

Keep up the quality posts people, Visitors to our site like what you put, even if

they don't join or post.

Lets hit that '1000'

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Hey that's Kool Admin. Much better. Look forward to posting on there in the near future. :)


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I reckon there could soon be over a thousand posts just in the daily obituaries treads? Some I have to Google? Some could have died years ago you would have never had known? Some don't even make the local news? Some have never even been to Nottingham?

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I reckon there are 5 categories of Nottstalgians.

1 - The hyper-addicts who make many posts a day

2 - The moderate-average posters who do a few most days

3 - The occasionals who appear from time to time

4 - The almost invisibles

5 - The ones who register and never come back

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I probably fall into category two. Not much into the word games etc. Nothing wrong with them, just not my thing. Not very well up on the current issues in Nottingham, been gone a long time. That said I love to post because I love the interaction. You guys are the salt of the earth. Brought me many good memories and sometimes outright laughter to go with 'em. Usually log in two or three times a day. I'm not into FB. Don't even want an account. Nottstalgia is much better. Mrs Loppy has FB, I'm not impressed. With FB, not Mrs Loppy I hasten to add. Lol. She might see this and my life wouldn't be worth a plugged nickel. Lol.

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I Figure you be around a spell then........Buddy............lol.

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I'm a hyper addict then. That makes me sound bad !

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