Bridlesmith Gate Through The Years

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I thought at first that  I was on photo 27, as I had a plaid coat and boots like the woman with the pushchair was wearing, but in 1973, I would've had 2 other children as well as the youngster, so it wasn't me.  

I know I lived in Leicester at that time, but we often visited my parents in Nottingham.


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It's a sign of age, but I find that when I see these NEP articles I always check to see if I'm in any of the photos.


One day I'm going to see myself in the 1960s and 70s.

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I thought this photo might have been in the article but it's probably way too old . It occasionally turns up on a few FB pages .

The shop of James Addlesee boot and shoe maker on the corner of Bridlesmith Gate and what was Chandlers Lane , it was demolished early 1860s to widen Victoria Street . The posters on the shop say something like :

......"selling off ,street widening , J Addlesee removing to new premises Pelham Street".

He was certainly at Pelham Street by 1864 .

Note the policemens uniform . I wonder if there was some celebration , maybe the engagement in 1862 of Queen Victoria's eldest son the Prince of Wales to Princess Alexandra of Denmark ?

There was a huge celebration and procession from the Square to the Forest , for the marriage the following year 1863 but I believe the building had been demolished by then .




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