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It was orginally £24 million including the £600,000 for plan development. The budget ran over by 25% to £30 million. The lottery tipped up £12.9 million, an eneterprise fund £5million and £2million direct from the business rates account -  although there are different figures for the mix depending on which version you read.

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I only wish you had posted them individually. 

On 9/2/2021 at 12:07 AM, Brew said:


The football analogy is not really relevant, they're not dipping in the public purse.


In the round we're looking at lord knows how much to refurbish Eastcroft, £17 million for the square, £30 million for the castle, £560 million for the tram, another £200 million for the proposed Kimberley link plus losses of almost a £1million a WEEK.

Add to that the  proposed  battery tram at a cost of £2.3 BILLION (over £46 million per mile),  It's no wonder the county jumped ship and Broxtowe wants nothing to do with it. Amortise that lot and the final total will make your eyes water!

Are taxpayers really getting good value? How is fair to compare a national (Covid) expenditure with that of a local council? of course the numbers will be bigger and proves... well not a lot really.


Raising questions about dodgy suppliers brings to mind Cllr Robinson who was allowed to resign after admitting his nefarious actions when trying to force through the Derby  planning application - he should have been prosecuted and all his council dealings investigated - but that's politics for you.



You seem to be confused. The tram is a concession and is not operated or financed by the city. The original go-ahead for the tram came from central government and any expansion of the network will only happen if the government approves. 





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Not unusual to have a bus company on board. NCT were involved as part of the team running the original franchise.


This sounds interesting if you want to hear the thinking behind the castle revamp...

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