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1 hour ago, philmayfield said:

You're 9 years younger than me Rog. I used to be a ball of fire like you back in those days. :biggrin:

Not so much ball of fire more like a flickering flame these days Phil, lol



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I used to be, but now I'm an extractor fan.

Here you go Margie, at great expense and risk to life and limb I give you:-   A little maiden climbed an old man's knee, Begged for a story, "Do, Uncle, please." Why are you single; Why live

Well blow me down !!!

3 minutes ago, philmayfield said:

I knew Bicker quite well when my cousin and her husband used to keep the Red Lion pub there. It was on the A52 but has since been bypassed. My uncle also lived in the village. Funnily enough my other cousin, her brother, used to keep the Red Lion pub in Stow on the Wold

Dawsons used to have open days each year showing tractors, steam engines as well as doing steam threshing demonstrations but I've not seen them advertised for a few years now, they also make steam boilers and traction engines on site as these two were





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Thanks for posting photograph for me Cliff Ton. Taken in 1969 @ Rempstone. Showing a Ploughing Engine converted with an internal combustion engine. Owned at the time by the Beeby family, it did work and was used in anger. Sadly my recollections about it are not to the fore at the moment. I have no idea whether it still exists/or in what form. 
Thought it might be a nice addition to this thread, for those with interest in this field.

  I don’t recollect seeing any other steam engines with this modification.

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The engine was from a WW2 tank but can't remember which type or country at the moment, I remember seeing it at Rempstone vintage rally into the mid seventies, just as an aside, the old show field has now been dug up for quarried sand and gravel materials



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