Junior School Songs you don't hear today

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59 minutes ago, Beekay said:

"How can I marry such a pretty maid as you"?



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Some great old songs here. Was Linden Lea the tune of Love Me Tender? I always felt sad that my kids didnt have the same amount of singing in school. We had the radio on at 11am for Singing Together (

EEH ARE MISS my trips o'er border to Quaint little places like.....Jump and Wombwell ...even Manor Top where Luscious Lucy dwelt back in 68.........she alus tode me to ''Shut gate..on leavin t' county

I taught that song to a class when I was teaching. They sang it at a concert, all dressed in gumboots and flat caps. They all did the accent, too. Well it was a Yorkshire school. The performance was h

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