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How time flies... I can hardly believe it's a year ago that Chulla died.   He was an interesting man and I liked reading his poems and short stories...

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Chulla was a good guy.  He and I didn't always agree, but he was a true gentlemen and you could have a good discussion and agree to disgaree, agreeably.  Few and far between for the most part today.

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Chulla is always in my thoughts and it was my intention to post my own remembrance to him today but it seems I wasn’t sharp enough. 

Our Dave was a kind, honest and extremely clever man, a man of wisdom and words.  My very personal favourite memory of him was seeing his head pop around the door when I was recovering from surgery in QMC.  He wasn’t a well man but had taken the time and trouble to visit me, armed with the biggest slab of carrot cake “to get some weight on me”.  Even though he was not in good health he was always thinking of others. He is sadly missed by all who had the great pleasure of knowing him.  

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10 hours ago, catfan said:

Bulwell Wether's back yard Rog ?


You're not wrong Catfan. the first time of meeting him 15 June 2017, met him lots of times since that day and had some great aviation discussions both at his home and various meeting venues,like Lizzie said a very clever man



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