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Well Thursday night daughter-in-law and myself were going out for a meal then on to the Theatre Royal, it was me who booked the meal at Le Mistral on this new thing called the internet, any way i had booked a meal before and if you are going to the theatre yo get 20% off your bill  of cause you have to show them your tickets. Meal booked for 5-15.


Going along past city hospital hit traffic      Phoned Le Mistral saying that we would be late     answer that's OK

Arrived at Trinity Square car park              You can no longer get cheaper parking with your blue badge.

Le Mistral                     order's meal 5 mins later waitress said sorry we have not any thing left that you have order can you choose again please,

Opera                                                                  the Opera started at 7-30 we had to move quickly.

Came to pay bill                                               waitress may i have the bill please  these are my theatre tickets for our 20% off the bill.

Waitress                                                            Sorry can't take these tickets as the date on them is for May i had only picked up the wrong tickets. 

Theatre Royal                          No problem i will print you some more tickets after questions who we were.


Opera                                Katya Kabanove    seen better but also seen worse  sung in English it was normal stuff nasty mother inlaw rules her son's life, wife has a fling with another man, she is found out, so she ends it all. 


Conclusion       If any member would like to add there tales to"it's an age thing"   then please feel free.

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