Lost friend from Mapperley

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Hi, I am looking to find my old best friend, John Decara  he lived on Northcliffe Ave Mapperley. He married Pamala Philpott, and will be about 71 years old

I was best man at his wedding, and have not seen or heard of him for over 40 years.  

Cheers Edgar Jessop.

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Edgar, I hope you find your friend.  He is 5 years younger than me, so I probably wouldn't have come into contact with him, even though I knew some Mapperley boys.  I lived in Woodthorpe.

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Hi Edgar, John Decara and I sat the same dinner table when we were at Rushcliffe. Like you I have not seen John for over 40 years which was approximately two years before I moved to Australia.  Good luck, I hope you are able to locate him.



Will 2017

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Googling "Decara Tiling" gives plenty of references for an address in Woodthorpe . Possibly a connection ?

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