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16 hours ago, Cliff Ton said:

Art is surely just a personal opinion and judgement. Nobody is right or wrong. I like Banksy's material and think he's clever and original, but I don't understand why people will pay millions for Van Gogh or Cezanne or Matisse or Picasso. I don't rate them at all.


The difference is Van Gogh, Cezanne, Matisse and Picasso will never know the appreciation of their work. Banksy hopefully does whether it's art or graffiti.

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I go in a beautiful Church in Spain where i holiday,,its in the middle of the town and admission is free,,      Then i see visitors going in,,with no respect for the place,, Ie,,wearing shorts an

Did his face ring a bell?

That's the way to do it. The old type of banter....corny but funny as it used to be.

This is brilliant (sorry Nonna, but above is a shocking example of a quote, reads perfectly well without it?)  


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Wonder when the bike seat will turn up on eBay? It was still attached to the bike 1st thing Thursday morning & it was gone by 11am 


In Banksy Instagram endorsement the postbox was included, this was the postbox reported overflowing with covid testing kits? Bike lock, lockdown? Raleigh bike Nottingham? 




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2 hours ago, nonnaB said:

RR link doesn't work.


Youve eliminated the twitter link and now it works.

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2 hours ago, Cliff Ton said:

I wonder exactly what you get for your money.


I think you'll get exactlywhat it says, a print on canvas. My-picture will produce a canvas print from a photograph from £6.50...  (100x75 for £52)

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I think the owner of the building is just protecting his assets, the wall will most problerly be removed & sold along with the bike, the Banksy artwork on the garage in Port Talbot sold for six figure sum :Shock: there was a new bike there this morning. Banksy artwork that appeared,least for the time being.

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