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On 10/29/2015 at 6:06 AM, mary1947 said:

Hi dingbat 45

Have been meaning to reply to this topic since I first saw it.

My father lived down the meadows and went to Bosworth School I have a photo of him with teacher and class mates, it would have been taken around 1923/1924/1925. I have tried to put it on to this site, photo bucket, making it smaller but it just doe's not want to work. If any one is interested in the photo please send me a message.

Hi, does the photograph have any mention of his teacher or head teacher, please? 

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School admission logs and minute books are generally held by Nottinghamshire Archives. They have an online search facility which lists what they hold.  Some are under restricted access, however, for a stated term of years where there is a possibility that those mentioned in them may still be alive.


My uncle Frank (born 1908) attended Scotland Place and I have a class photo somewhere. I will try to look it out.

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Hi Welcome to our site CurriebridaeCarabid  al 


Sorry can't help with names of headteacher or teacher in photo, but as it is Bosworth school in the Meadows were my father was born it is also on Site called I'm from the Meadows and proud of  it. 

You could always try  Nottingham Education and look at list of schools that are now closed.

hope this helps.

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Please contact me, by Email, I'll give you my phone number.

am daughter of Jean Audrey Boultby.

1934 - 2006. Her dad, 

George Henry Boultby. 1904 - 1979.

His dad, Henry William 1881 - 1960. 

His dad James 1860 - 1923.

His dad Henry 1830 - 1887.

His dad William 1799 - 1846.

William 1760 - 1815.

I will tell you more. By email. 

BUT, my mum, and her sisters went to Scothome school. 


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