Roy Keane (and O'Neill) leave Nottingham Forest.

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Never liked him as a player, manager, coach or even a person. He's got the personality of a paving slab.

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Fantastic news, cracking a tin to celebrate :yahoo:




Bugger I don't keep any beer in the house, I'll open a tin of beans or soup instead! 

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Sabri Lamouchi's red & white army, Sabri Lamouchi's red & white army.

We'll get rid of old Sabri just after Christmas. 


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So, the players are now deciding who and how the club is managed. I have no problem with that if they too are sacked for poor performances and judging by reports from the end off season games we could have a team of new players by September.

In the words of the old song Sabri, Sabri Lamouchi who the f*ckin hell is he?

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To my quite uneducated French interpretation 'Lamouchi' sounds like 'the fly from Italy'. 

Forest need a bit of inspiration but looks doubtful with entrenched management and players.

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