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Further to the above 1881 Census , the marriage of Robert Barber and Elizabeth Catherine  Baker occurred at Biggleswade in Sept Qtr 1874 .   The death of Canon Barber's father Robert Barber

This is him in 1939 .   The Vicarage , Hucknall Thomas G Barber DOB 18 Jun 1875 Occupation  Clerk In Holy Orders Wife : Gertrude Barber , born 1879   Daug

This is Thomas G Barber with parents on 1881 Census at  3, Avenue No 10 Sherwood Rise, Nottingham  Robert Barber Head Married Male 32 1849 Solicitor Greasley, Nottinghamshire,    Eliz

Hi, I've asked my Father to jot a few things down for you.If you would like to email me your very welcome. Then maybe it would be better if you have a chat to him. He is still local. But he doesn't have a mobile phone or the internet. Glad to help . Heather

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Can't remember whether I've mentioned this somewhere previously but some years ago, I was researching The Manse at Newthorpe which belonged to the Barber family.


My interest arose out of its occupation from the death of John William Fryar, once manager of the Barber Walker Colliery, by his spinster sisters who had kept house for their unmarried brother and who remained there until after WW2.


Among the archive of materials left by Caroline Isabella Fryar, referred to in earlier posts, were photographs of parts of the exterior of the house and grounds. A few years ago, the house was occupied by an elderly female member of the Barber family and her neighbour, who knew her well, told me she had recently died and the house was to be sold. I was assured that, had she still been living, I could have gone round to meet both her and the house. 


I have my notes somewhere but can't just recall the lady's name.


The house was designed by a very well known architect. The Fryar sisters also endowed a bed at the Nottingham General Hospital, were regular visitors to its occupants and clearly very community minded people, although from the many photos they left, their first love was animals. There, I said they were good eggs, didn't I? :rolleyes:


I will root out my notes on The Manse.

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The Manse was designed by Edward William Godwin who is still renowned for his building and furniture designs.


The last member of the Barber family to live there was Naomi who, I think, was the sister of Sir William Barber. 


The house, as shown in the photos I have of it, is quirky...especially the windows. It isn't visible from the road and I sincerely hope it hasn't been wrecked.


Somewhere, I have the sale catalogue for the auction after the last of the Fryar sisters died.

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As you're driving along the road...think it's called Willey Lane... with Lamb Close on your right and the reservoir on your left, in the direction of Eastwood, The Manse stands back from the road, just about facing the garden centre near Engine Lane.

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#44 and 47


Been looking at this image and also at some of the images I have of The Manse. Difficult to say because I've never actually seen the place for myself but the roofline looks different. Of course, I don't know which elevation your image shows CT and there is some reference on the net to the property having been altered in 1947 which is around the time the last of the Fryar sisters died. My pictures ante date this.


It seems that the Barbers bought The Manse in 1913 along with a great deal of other property locally from the widow of Earl Cowper, for whom The Manse was built. Bearing in mind that John William Fryar died in August 1915, his housekeeping spinster sisters were probably offered The Manse as opposed to remaining at The Grange. 


There are bound to have been some changes to the place over the years. However, I can't find any evidence that the house has ever been sold and therefore it probably still belongs to the Barber family.

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