Pets Shops Vanished From Nottingham

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Money talks and we all go for the bargain. We can get all misty eyed about the 'personal touch' and 'friendly service' but when the chips are down we all pretty much prefer shopping all under one roof, out of the weather, where we can park the car and prices are reasonable.

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I take your points on board with regards to convenience but do we really want to see the same shops in the same towns every time with go anywhere, and the prices are not always cheaper and can be more expensive with bigger Pet stores.

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Pets At Home are ridiculously expensive, and the selection isn't always that great either. 


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My thoughts are not just about pet shops and regarding convenience, do we really want to traipse round a dozen different shops down the High St gradually becoming more and more burdened as we lug our shopping in and out of different stores? There is usually a fair walk to a car park or you can stand in the cold and wait for a bus with our fingers going numb from the shopping bags. As I said it's a nice pipe dream that in reality never was, especially for men, (traditionally we don't do the  shopping) and at the end of the day a tin of  beans is still a tin of beans.

Modern supply chain means fresh food is just as fresh as the local grocer who gets up at 4am to go to market. Reality v Perception like so many things don't always match.

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