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I've just noticed it's 9 years ago today - July 24th 2010 - that I first registered on Nottstalgia.   Have I been wasting my time ?

I've been a member of Nottstalgia since 2011 and have always had a lot of respect for Cliff Ton. He's done his job as a Moderator in an  unbiased and friendly way when other members became a little co

I enjoyed the ‘Posts and Sheds’ topic, it lightened up what was becoming a rather tiresome and boring forum.  Nobody is dominating the site now and the contributors enjoy friendly banter, much like No

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On 10/25/2019 at 6:44 PM, Beekay said:

Many thanks CT., have I overdone it or should I cut back on the number of posts? Would hate to out stay my welcome.

I am guilty of posting too much too , someone chop off me mitts !!!

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