Tbforums Is Dead,long Live Tbforums!

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Time for change approaches.

TBFORUMS currently hosted under www.hasaw.org.uk/tbforums will cease to be!

The Good News

It will be hosted under a brand new domain name of its own.

The domain will be... www.nottstalgia.com, What do you think of that? :P

Site migration will be commence in the near future, whilst this is

happening you will continue to use this site address for posting.

The databases that store the message areas will be difficult to migrate

and full switchover will not be made till all is stable on the new site.

Remember this is your site. When the new site is constructed, I will be looking for

your ideas for its design. Regular users here will also be given control of some


Watch this space for more announcements

Let me know what you think?




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It's interesting full stop RR....... Something for everyone....... 

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Not a gamer myself......but for those who are, crack on, if you enjoy it why not,......fly says something for everyone ,..........true,but sometimes have to wait for comments to kick you into action.......but thats life anyway,.........just me thoughts...........

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I like looking who's online, and what old topics they're viewing. I then often come across something I'd never seen before.

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