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I seem to have bought an Armstrong Siddeley 12 hp 1934 in bits ,does anyone on here know much about them? 

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I,ve sold the siddeley as a model t ford project has come up which I always fancied ,I fetched a chassis and some panels from Somerset last weekend and I have located axles ,engine ,gearbox and wheels,next job is to build a body  ,it should keep me out of the pub for a bit!

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As it so happens I did a 1935 12hp AS back in the 80s.

I can post some pics if of interest.

I sold it in the early 90s to the great nephew of Sir John Siddeley I think he and his family still own it.

There was a complete 12hp engine for sale at Beaulieu Autojumble last year.

One of the interesting features of the 12hp was the lack of a clutch, this being achieved through the Wilson pre-select box.

It also had a Lucas Startix fitted, built in jacks on each corner and downdraught Claudel Hobson carb as I recall..


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For any lovers of classic and vintage cars if you look at YT after this weekend you will see coverage of The Bay to Birdwood historic vehicle run from a beachside suburb to the west of the Adelaide CBD to Birdwood in the Adelaide Hills, the home of the National Motor Museum.

The route is 70 km and includes a climb from the coastal plains up into the hills. It is the biggest event of its type in the world and there will be around 1700 vehicles taking part this year.

The event alternates between classic and veteran vehicles, this year it is the  turn of the classics, manufactured between 1 Jan 1956 up to 31 Dec 1986

You can see vehicles from all over the world including trucks and motorbikes. (photo ABC)

Image result for bay to birdwood armstrong siddeley

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