Disappearing photos on this site.

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8 hours ago, Brew said:

Why has no one  noticed that the man  the bike has only one leg ?  ....

Wot man on wot bike, Brew.

Had a look on my pc and watermarks on all views.

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The other day I transferred all my images off photobucket. I've fallen out with them over their new policy. I now use only Google photos and Canon Irista. Trouble is that the images from my Canon site seem to disappear from here after a few hours and I have no idea why?!

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I'm probably teaching grandma to suck eggs but have you used photo image Compo? Margie and Lizzie put me on to it and explained how to use it. I've been very grateful for that info. What I can't do is post video, so have to make do with stills. Must say though, you've posted some superb pictures. B.

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