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Imagine if this link was piggy backed on to this topic below? :crazy: Boosting an old topic? :crazy: Placing information relating to a place all in one place? :crazy: Making the Nottstalgia site a lot more easier to navigate? :crazy: Possibly encouraging new members? :crazy: Do we really need to keep starting new topics for topics that we have all ready covered? :crazy: Crikey WIFI good in this airport, where's me boarding pass? 


On 2/4/2015 at 10:42 PM, poohbear said:

I'm looking for any old photos of the Wheeler Gate shops (WW1 era) ...specifically the shops on the left going down the hill towards the church. I've checked out PTPast and they are either distant or from a different direction.Anything appreciated.


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You're right about the NEP's accuracy with some of the dates for the photos - although it may be they are only repeating whatever they've been told.


And something which perhaps the NEP can't be blamed for; all the photos show the same side of Wheeler Gate - the outside of the curve. There isn't one showing the side of the road which included Sisson & Parker. (It almost creeps in on a couple of the photos).

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