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Here's a tit bit for you...nearly opposite the bottom of Hanley Street is Poynton Street...still there, but just a jitty through warehouses now. It's named after Widow Poynton who was a scold and suf

Yes my Dad worked in the office there. When my mum took me shopping in the Co-op we would shout to Him and He looked out of the window and waved to us. Magic time as I didn't see a lot of Him due to t

For anyone who hasn't been in the area recently, the part of Wollaton Street - where it adjoins Talbot Street - has changed. It used to look like this... And currently looks like this.

Posted Images

Thanks Rob

What happened to them, I seem to recall them moving to Lenton or somewhere.

Or were they swallowed up?

Google hasn't a clue...


"Did you mean: Corkill Camel ?"

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On canning circus was there no a 'cereal' factory...Kellogs or when i used to go to school crossing from derby rd to alfreton rd i used to pic up loadsa those little plastic toys that they put in the packets.

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Total Reclaims may just be 'gutting' the building, not totally demolishing it..................I hope

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