Surprises in family history

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Are you sure it's not Mr Pastry?

Don't  think I'd  know where to start, searching my ancestry. I realise there are search sites but don't  they cost money? You see the on tv, the advert for, just enter a name. It ai

Gt. Gt. Grandparents in a tree eh! Why didn't  they bury em like anybody else? (Sorry Carnie, couldn't  resist it).

Quite possibly the same family. I have a photo somewhere of Mary Kate and Robert sitting outside a cottage with their large extended family. Mary Kate has grown very fat and looks nothing like the slim girl in the silk dress. At least she had a better innings than her mother!


Wonder if it's the same cottage?

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12 hours ago, Jill Sparrow said:

Not sure when the Wards moved to garden Street, CT. Mid to late 20s, possibly. They were certainly there in 1939 and remained until the property was demolished in 1965


That means I possibly could have seen them, because I was visiting Garden Street in the early 60s when I was young. My aunts left when their place was demolished, obviously around the same time.

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You might also have seen me. I'd have been in my pram of course! As soon as I was able to speak, I'd have been sitting on the front doorstep as punishment for asking too many questions about the family! Emily didn't like that sort of thing.

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