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Welcome! I have only just noticed you have registered. Please contribute to the site when & if you are able. It's a bit quiet today our lovely Caligal is visiting from the US & the gang are having a meet up,but they will be back soon!

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Thanks for the warm welcome.

I've been browsing for a couple of weeks and have really enjoyed the posts by other members.

A little background.

Born in Bulwell in '52 behind St Mary's church, lived on Egypt Road in Basford where my dad had an electrical shop then moved up to Broxtowe at the age of 8. Lived on Bradfield Road from 8 to 18 when I got married and got a council flat at Hyson green.

Been living in Heronridge since '75. Went to Players Infants and Junior School and William Crane School for Boys (West Gate) leaving in '67.

First job was as an apprentice gas fitter for the Gas Board and appeared on the front page of the Evening Post in '67/68 when we went on strike - well the fitters did anyway - still got the clipping somewhere.

Hope to contribute more later


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I am often refered to as an idiot with a Genetic/personallity disorder but that's fine by me at least I have been catagorised and put in a vampire2 for once something the experts cauld never accomplish in any case I say 'Every Village has it's idiot and I'm this forums; so don't take everything I might say to book, Anyroadup welcome from me too Frank have a good stay.

I shall go now time for one of the blue ones...byeeeeeeeeeee.. :Vampire:

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