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Robert Davis

Rob Davis

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Hi I’m new to the forum but I attended Ellis Bilateral School (as it was called when i was there)from 57 to 62 I was in classes 1TU,2TU,3TU,4TL,5TL my mam said get out to work your not going in the 6th form so I left Anyway i was one of the Bulwell outsiders others being Kenny Haken and Kenneth Wilkinson .Some of the teachers made lasting impressions Fred Barks and his little brown book.Dan Appleton who was in his heyday an excellent amateur wrestler he was also involved behind the scenes with the Coop Arts Centre in Nottingham (he Used to take some of us down there helping with scene shifting after school a touch of greasepaint)anyway can anyone remember his shoes always the same but resoled and healed when required aka Triggers sweeping brush.Merrick Kinder (rubberneck)who made us use nib pens followed by the saying “coughs and sneezes spread diseases blots and smudges lose you markses ‘Mr Baker who strapped me for calling him Herr Baker I knew about his RAF exploits during the war The last headmaster Denbo Green who wielded his cane more often than a bandleaders baton A PE teacher called Mr Davis who taught us rugby and tennis (well tried to) Kendal Lyons Herbert(the one with the beret) and a host of others overall a great experience except for our last day when half a dozen of us decided to run around the quadrangle via the classroom ceilings accessed from the woodwork store roof space and leaving lasting impressions with feet and legs dangling through My first weeks working wages were donated to Nottingham Education Committee anyway great days 


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