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14 hours ago, letsavagoo said:

Are you referring to the Bulwell club off Highbury Vale Vic.

You've reminded me of a new years eve party I went to at that club, around 1969. Invited by the owner of Queensland Carpets who I'd done a sign writing job on his new shop up St Anns Wells road (I think ).

A friendly and happy night. Great memory.

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I knew it in the mid 1970’s. I think the chap who ran it was Jack ? Can’t recall the surname. It had a rather poor reputation at that time. 
I asked if you meant the Bulwell club as unless my computer has gone mad I’m sure this was in the Radford section. It is now in the correct place. Was it moved?

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You can’t really tell stories about The Piccadilly Club without naming names? My Dad was picked up & taken in a roller & told he was now running show ..... which he declined, he kept his fingers, well some of them, in a little box :Shock:

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I was a regular visitor to the Piccadilly Club in the late 60s.  Even did a few Discos for them.  Never saw any bother.. but the anaemic looking microwaved pies were a challenge..  I don't recall the name of the manager at the time but I'll check with my 'sources'..

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