Cottesmore School - class of 1976

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Welcome Rajinder enjoy our mad site.

List of pupils look at Education and schools that have closed thats' if Cottesmore school has closed it's doors. I had 2 cousins that went there both ended up teaching, but the youngest now lives in France, I will e-mail her and see if she has a answer to your question, but I bet that before she come's back to me one of our member's will know the answer.

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When I were at Boulevard school, we used to walk over to Cottesmore for some of our lessons and also school dinners, ( my ma worked in the kitchen for a while). We had the prefab type classrooms off Ashburnham avenue. We had one for woodwork, one for metalwork and a couple of extra ones for various lessons. Our entry was off Ashburnham, but Cottesmore pupils went in from the main entrance, off the boulevard I think. Their teachers came in our way, by car and drove straight down. I never did know what were down there. As far as us Oiks were concerned, they were all posh kids who went there. Nothing against them though!

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