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1 minute ago, carni said:

OOPs Topic  should read Happy Birthday.:Shock:


I saw the bithday and thought 'ahh bless' ...   :rolleyes: 

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Aaww Shucks!!!  :unsure:


You lovely people.  Thanks for the good wishes and yes.. I've had a Happy Bithday..


Yesterday ( Sunday) my Daughters, Son in Law and prospective Son in Law took me and Mrs Col out for lunch... along with my two lovely Grandkids.  Young Ben.. my Grandson.. did a lovely birthday card where he drew a vinyl record player and said I was cool.  He drew his own stamp on the envelope... with himself as King Ben 1st.  He's not short of ambition that lad...  :laugh:


Today was an odd sort of Birthday..but I enjoyed it.  I woke up to a rash of texts from the Doc's.  I've moved to a surgery in the next village as the one here became hopeless.  For some reason.. I can't save their texts.. read once and they disappear and I'm too dumb to remember what they say soo...  I decided to walk to the next village and ask them what they were 'on abaahht'. Meanwhile.. Mrs Col went on an emergency mission for winter school tights for my Granddaughter.. because my Daughter was at some conference somewhere being a HR person and my Son in Law is in a new job and... etc..


Next village is over the ridge and it was blowing a 'Hooley' as Mrs Col's Mum useter say.. So, I wrapped up warm.. bunged up my dodgy ear with cotton wool and off I went.  40 minutes later I was in Garswood Health Centre.. trying to deal with gloves, a hat, a stick, a phone.. etc.. and make sense to the receptionist, while she tried to make sense to me and no doubt thought.. "Who's this pillock.. ?" 


Anyway it seems the Docs want blood, a 24 hour BP monitor and a follow up.  Dunno why.... As I said to the receptionist.. "If I can walk here from the Grand Duchy there can't be much wrong with me.. ". She didn't answer...


Next.. I walked through Garswood to the rather nice Sunbed Centre they have there.  I enjoy my weekly blast of UV and my weekly chat with the lovely Sophie.. though I normally drive there.  On the way from the Health Centre to the Sunbed Centre. I was subject to a not unusual angst ridden phone call from No.2 Daughter.


" I hate my job and I hate the two jobs I'm applying for and I hate the World and  hate everything and...." I told her to call me later when I was home.. but I do worry about the way she struggles to reconcile her World view with reality.... And she didn't call back.  Which is good.


I'd walked to Garswood via the roads.. but decided to head home 'cross country'.  So. it was up onto 'Weathercock Hill'.  It's hardly Everest. but it's bleak, treeless and exposed. It's one of those long. shallow hills.. where you can never quite see the top  and that makes it all the ore of a challenge.  Basically farm fields with no hedges for miles and very muddy.. I managed to stay upright.. which is more than I did last time..  After Weathercock Hill.. there's a scramble over a stream before a short steep uphill climb to a better path. Although just a footpath in fields.. it's called Garswood Road. As far as I can tell it is the old path used by local coal miners way back as they headed for the numerous 'drift mines' which worked the shallow local coal seams.  Further on it becomes what seems a rather incongruous cobbled path.  Cobbles.. in he middle of nowhere.. but a clue to its industrial past.  Next.. past the 'Blue Hills'.. some pretty old shale/slag heaps and then on down into Billinge via the bit of Garswood Rd which is 'proper'. and has houses on it... some recent.... some dating back to the 17th C. Back onto Main Street and home.  Thoroughly 'Cream Crackered'.  Over 11000 steps and about 8K according to my phone, but much of it difficult, heavy going. And I didn't see a soul along the way.  They must have more sense..


Anyway.. I consumed 'An Elegant Sufficiency' of Merlot this evening and almost won Mastermind the telly... so yes.. a Good Day.  :biggrin:

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Col, I loved the detailed account of your walk yesterday.  I don't know the area but your description helped me to imagine it.  You do push yourself don't you !!

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