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Re the garbage, it's been there for years, I've seen it on older videos.

It's been tipped down one of the Pepperpot air shafts presumably through a hole in the side as they stand up from the ground.

There are only 3, one on Woodthorpe side, one you can see on the New road video just to the right of the road and the other is at the back of the area of what has in more recent years been Woodthorpe Scout Hut.


I suspect it was from previous land user, not the Scouts.

Viewed at low level in this link picture no 2,


Viewed from above;




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They had been working until at least 1st April clearing trees, scrub, etc. at top end and creating a flattish area of what looks like compacted clay.  I saw no activity yesterday so perhaps they've knocked it on the head for now.

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I walked down Arnold Lane this morning. You can now see the first Pepperpot (Gedling side) standing in isolation now that all the trees and foliage have been cleared away. I hope they're not going to pull it down.

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There are Bats in the tunnel, it can't be disturbed.


Bats The council said: “Swarming sites at the tunnel entrance and the pepperpots have been retained and protected by the design, which will involve the construction of a 7m high retaining wall around the pepperpot. They also revealed that a new bat house featuring loose waney edge timber cladding, mortar gaps, wall slots, bat access bricks, cavity wall boxes, and gaps in the mortar ridge, has been constructed at Glebe Farm ‘to mitigate for the loss of a maternity roost in the demolished farm buildings’. They added: “‘Bat hop overs’ will be planted to minimise disruption to commuting and foraging routes. This will be achieved by planting taller and denser trees up to the road verge. The ‘hop overs’ will be planted between the road lighting columns, to take advantage of the lower light intensity.”

Read more about this on Gedling Eye at:


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The Council have been posting update videos of the road.  It starts at the bottom end (Burton Road) and goes up to Mapperley Top.


If you don't know the area it might not mean much; existing places can be seen off either side of the new road.



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They seem to be taking a huge amount of land just for a simple by-pass?

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