Jessiman and Stutely Fish and Greengrocers Nuthall Road

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I was going through my family history when I came across details of my Fathers fish and greengrocers shop at 30 Nuthall Road.

"Jessiman and Stutely" in 1949. I was seven that year and recall an incident where my fathers business partner Mr Stutely, chased and caught a man in the middle of the street and a fight ensued.

I was, as a witness made to attend Nottingham Courts over a number of weeks. It,s all very vague now. I believe it was reported in  Nottinghams newspapers. Can anyone help dig up the newspaper article. I would appreciate any advice to enable me to add to our family history.

                                                                          Thanks KJ792

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After a quick initial look an't see anything of the dust up , using the address and the names but there is a death notice for Louisa at that address . At the moment the online news archives for the Nottingham papers only go up to 1950.
JESSIMAN. —On March 28th. Louisa Ellen beloved wife the late Jack , Reunited . Son Charlie Joan. Alan and Keith. Cremation Wilford Hill. Friday. 11.20 m. _ 
JESSIMAN.—March 28th Louisa Ellen (Nellie) of 30 Nuthall-road , late Skegness...dear sister of Annie and Ada , brother in law Albert .
29 March 1950 - Nottingham Evening Post - Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
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                    Thanks for the info. Louisa Ellen was my Grandmother, Charlie my Dad who I mentioned (Jessiman and Stutely) Joan my mother and Alan my brother (now deceased). I really appreciate you taking the time.

                                                Regards Keith

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