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Happy Birthday Lizzie!!  Hope you are having a fab groovy day!!

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Oh wow, this is the first time I’ve logged on since my birthday and thank you all so much for the happy birthday messages, it’s lovely that you have thought of me.  I’ve had a smashing birthday, although I didn’t bother getting up til late morning!  Loads of birthday cards and a few pressies to open, while still in bed and after that  it seemed like a normal day.  We’d booked a table at the local Indian restaurant, Masala Junction this evening, dining with friends.  All of a sudden I was given a hug and big kiss from behind and was stunned, thrilled and surprised to see our youngest son Andy there to join us for dinner.  That boy had driven 100 miles from Tring in Hertfordshire to surprise his Mummy.  I just couldn’t get over it. I’d spoken to him a couple of hours earlier and he’d lied to me, saying he was just taking his dog out for a walk!   We had a lovely meal, thoroughly recommend that place, then the kid got in his car and drove home.   Anyway, another birthday ticked off, blimey don’t the years fly by when you’re getting old  ........ 

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