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Dark Angel

Lost the Plot - old bus photo

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     To observe an item, that item has to exist.

      For something to exist, it has to have a position in time and space.

     We memorise a past observation.

     How do we know this memory is correct?

     When the swirling mists of time joins the fog of confusion, how do we know yesterday happened?

     Somewhere in the bowels of Nottstalgia, there exists a photograph of a bus parked up outside the Palais on King Edward Street.

     It may exist, then again, it may not.

     The photograph appeared to be taken sometime between 1936 & 1939 as I couldn't see any tram lines and neither the bus nor a car parked behind it had blackouts on their headlights. Could have been early post war I suppose.

     The bus had at some point had the front door removed and repanelled, leaving only a rear door.

     First thought was that it was a Gilford with a Wray body. Quite a few Gilfords were operated in Nottingham around this time.

     However, I think it is a Tilling-Stevens.

     Many moons have have past since the original query, whom so ever posed the question, was there a question? will no doubt have the answer.

     Maybe they can't remember asking it.

    Someone will come along and tell me I'm wrong.

   Only, however, if the photograph exists! 

   If the photograph is not a figment of my imagination, do I have any? maybe someone else will see Mickey Mouse and Thomas the tank engine lurking in the background.

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I think I know the photo Dark Angel is talking about.


I think it was me who posted it.


I'll have a look in a bit.


Then AfferGorritt can buy me a drink as well.

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Think I'll join you at the bar CT., if AG.,is buying. It were all a bit deep for me.

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I would like to situate  conception of the metaphysical subject within your frame of reference. Although this post cannot be considered as belonging to Wittgensteinian scholarship in the strict sense, I would nonetheless argue that the appeal to epistemic position yields gains in the interpretative task as well by providing linkage between the metaphysical subject, which is often seen as being an empty, tautological idea, and the empirical, psychological subject, that is  one who undertakes philosophical reflection and has lost a photograph...      thumbsup

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        Yes Cliff Ton, that is indeed the elusive photograph.

        Am impressed with the speed in which you were able to locate it.

        I wished to reference this photograph with a vague hope of having another go at reading the number plate.

        Clarkes  of  Epperstone had taken delivery of a rebodied Gilford in 1936, having a hazy half witted notion of a possible coincidence, I wandered off tangentially into the bowels of nostalgian archives. Luckily I survived this peripatetic foray, refusing to say how long I spent wandering the corridors of knowledge.

       This jaunt only began after an idle thought about going to the East coast as a child on Clarkes coaches. Specifically their Comets which I wrongly perceived to have dorsal fins on their roofs. The dorsal finned coach turned out to be a Ford.



.    Be a dry session with a metaphysical round. Am I included?


    I bow before my sagacious master............Brew.

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