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Great documentary. I sit here in my study with my cherry red Stratocaster leaning against the wall beside my Vox amplifier. I distinctly remember learning to pay Apache. I think the first performance was at Bramcote village hall with a guy called Dave Field from the High School, although I had a Hofner Congress in those days. My last performance many years ago was with my neighbour from down the lane, Bill Brazier, who once played professionally for the Fabulous Beatmen and who still performs on occasions. That was for a birthday party for the then landlord at the Waggon and Horses in Bleasby.

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1 hour ago, philmayfield said:

my cherry red Stratocaster

You must have had a few quid to have one of those.

Loved the Shads, Hank now lives in Perth, West Australia

Not forgetting Jet Harris and Tony Meehan who alas are no longer with us.

Pity we can't watch it here in OZ, must get around to getting a VPN

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Mines a 'made in Mexico' Strat. It's a genuine Strat but about half the price of the 'made in USA' version. It's perfectly adequate for rank amateurs like me and totally indistinguishable apart from the label. The current price is around £550. I'll probably give it away to an enthusiastic budding guitarist in the village sometime. Although a pleasure to look at I'll never play it again. I still have a Yamaha 12 string, a Spanish style, an acoustic/electric Hofner, a 5string banjo, a ukulele, a set of bagpipes, a bugle and a harmonica - none of which I'm proficient on! The keyboard went to charity a few years ago.

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I've not watched it yet but IIRC the Shads started out playing Burns guitars which I think were British made?

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16 hours ago, philmayfield said:

Mines a 'made in Mexico' Strat

Wow, quite an eclectic collection of instruments there.

I was a reasonably proficient player but could only afford a Watkins Rapier III (Why was the centre pick up at an angle?)

Could play a cornet at one time, doubt if I could get a sound out of one now.

Current project is a Kawai two keyboard electronic organ that neighbours were taking to the tip.

Reasonably OK with the melody, a little difficulty with the cords at times and hopeless with the foot pedals but still trying the earphone jack is a saviour. 

Pack the 12 string up and send it down under it will be gratefully accepted.

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Just came across this on YT last night.  Really enjoyed it.  What really struck me was Hank's resemblance to Bill Gates.  So much of their music was a part of my life back then.  Nothing like 'em since IMHO.

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