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The gate, as I  remember it, (bearing in mind it was 66years ago) was a single, iron/steel gate which swung on hinges on right. On the left side was a steel arc and the gate only swung about 90°, the idea being you pushed the gate forward, stepped in to the left side then closed the gate behind you, thus enabling you to walk forward.

I could draw a diagram but all you knowledgeable NS's will know better than me what I'm on about. Nuff sed. 

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Cheers HSR., thanks for reminding me of my age ! This all brings me back to my regular gripe, of not having a camera until I was 22. No pix of me when I were little. Another thing, if I  went through that gate now, I more than likely not get half way up the hill. And to think, we used to run up.!

Does anyone else remember those Nissen huts? I think they were temporary accommodation post war.

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Don't Recall any hut's as a child, didn't vist this part of Nott's for over a decade. in the early 80's, remember some hut's other side of Greenwood Road, incorporated with a school, was visting friends living at flats on Colwick Road. walked bleary eyed around a car boot!

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The aerial picture

On 5/15/2020 at 6:28 PM, Cliff Ton said:

Here's what the area looked like in the halfway stage. The back-to-backs have been demolished, but the bus garage hasn't appeared yet.


For reference I've marked Manvers Street; and F & G is the Fox and Grapes (Pretty Windows).


Thanks, This pic is really interesting.. firstly there is no open market space, guessing the pic is early twenties, the archways I remember are just before the rounded corner on the left Manvers St, ( this picture view) they were still there in the early nineties.

Great pic, with cart, toilet, girl circa 1890 for comparison.

Pic here  is inconclusive regarding this, My theory that some of the buildings on Southwell Rd look older  than the bus station hangs true I'm thinking..

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