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I swear it wasn't me your honour. I've not bin in that area for donkeys years and I've never used an aerosol.

When I were last in that area, there were no such thing as aerosols. Any road! I plead diminished responsibility. 

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Ladies and gentlemen of the jury  I put to you that no one has mentioned aerosols  and yet the defendant, unerringly and without prompting, correctly identified the vandals instrument of choice. Why one has to wonder, would someone use initials not there own? The defendant has previously admitted to an intimate knowledge of the area and the hidden access and egress such acts of foul vandalism would require and only someone with the defendants skills in the use of paint would know the best colour to gain maximum contrast for his heinous crime.


I rest my case...

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Hold your hand out you naughty boy,     :(,,,la la la

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2 hours ago, Beekay said:

Is anybody open to a bribe?


Ahem.... that you come to mention it...

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On 5/18/2020 at 8:26 PM, Cliff Ton said:


The pub which was on the site of those flats changed its name at least once. It started life as the Ginger Tom in the 60s, but by the 90s it was called the Starting Gate. When the building was demolished in the early 2000s, the name Starting Gate was re-used on a new place nearer the racecourse.




If you click around on that link via Streetview you can turn round to see the other side of the road. That's where the pub was located (Ginger Tom and later Starting Gate). I didn't know the area but prior to the pub(s) it seems to have been unused land. So I don't think your cafe was exactly there.

it was called huckleberrys in the 90s

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That's it Huckleberry's,

The railway man's house on the crossing had a spiral staircase in the early eighties, no idea if it was an original feature.


Does anybody recall, the other side of the crossing, running parallel with the Greyhound kennels and the road from the crossing to Netherfied, in between there was a strip of road, old buses, caravans etc?



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Safe to assume then, with the mention of hut's, Greenwood Rd end was never a mini golf course, an unnatural terrain, wonder if the debris was buried on site?

On the extreme right, entering the woods i think there was a 'modern' generator, also a concrete base, AA gun emplacement? This is mid 70's...


Must go, Curse of Oak island is starting..I like conclusive answers! 




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