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To answer benjamin 1945   Answer's to pub quiz 1/ Royal Children 2/ Trip to Jerusalem 3/ Newmarket 4/ The Corner Pin  (named after the game of Nine Pin Skittles) 5/

Maid Marians real name was Trudi Glen If you listen to the theme tune of the 60's TV series it tells you "Robin Hood, Robin Hood riding Trudi Glen"

Thought  Jessie Boot was Lord Trent not Lord Tenant ?

23 hours ago, MargieH said:

Interesting quiz Mary but I only got 8 without googling!

MargieH it's only a bit of fun to cheer us all up it doe's not matter how you get the answers just enjoy.

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DEC 14th 2020

As Promised Answer's to Quize

1   Stop the Cavaley

2 Davia Bowie

3 song  Fairytale of New York  singer's   Shane Mac cowen & Kirsty Mac call4 song Loneley Pup in a Christmas Shop  singer  Adam Faith

5  A Spaceman came calling.

6  Misletoe & Wine

7  8 maids a milking


9   Santa Clause 

10 Bandaid

11 1963

12 silver 3d   or silver 6d     all cions before 1915 have siver in them.    3d 6d 1/- florin 2/6

13   New Years day Concert     FROM VIENNA

14 1984

15   I said the Sparrow 

16 12th March 1938 

17   Brenda Lee

18   New Years Eve and Christmas Eve always fall in the same year




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