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Q5   is Answer  Cotmanhay

Q7  I also came up with same answer as Katyjay   Attenborough.

Q9  Ravenshead

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To answer benjamin 1945   Answer's to pub quiz 1/ Royal Children 2/ Trip to Jerusalem 3/ Newmarket 4/ The Corner Pin  (named after the game of Nine Pin Skittles) 5/

Maid Marians real name was Trudi Glen If you listen to the theme tune of the 60's TV series it tells you "Robin Hood, Robin Hood riding Trudi Glen"

Thought  Jessie Boot was Lord Trent not Lord Tenant ?

The previous time I used this quiz was at the 1/2 yearly wine/beer competition when in the 40-45 minutes the Judges needed for the 30 odd bottles entered a quiz gave them a bit of quiet, very rarely did we get a full house in the time allowed but it was only a bit of fun. But I was a little surprised when 10 correct answers were posted within 2 hours or so of being posted! Anyway for what it's worth here's the other 10;-
                                                                          Nottinghamshire Quiz (2)
                                                       quiz-2074.jpgallpoint atm

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   Well done Denshaw, 2 right anyway, anyone get a full house?












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Thanks albert for the quiz 

not sure if any one member had all the questions right

but thought i would just throw another quiz in.

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For a change I thought I would do a Pub Quiz ,

No!! not in a pub, but a quiz about Nottingham Pub's  past & present.

Here we go.


1/ Megan & Harry have been bared from this pub?


2/ For this pub I am going on a journey, part of it's name is also a vegatable,?


3/ There was no horse racing here?


4/ This pub has had a few names, most of us know it as The Corner Pin. How did it get this name?


5/Two pubs on Parliment St have almost the same name?


6/ What pub was on Bottle Lane?


7/Ye Olde Salutation Inn  What Does the word Salutation mean?


8/  This pub's  name came from one who saws timber  It faced the Walter Foundtain. What was it called?


9/ End of the Watch ?


10/ We have had this pub on Nottstalgia before. Two Q? This pub had one of the longest Bar's  what was the pub? and when it was demolished what building replaced it.




Answer's on a post card please 

Enjoy your Pub Quiz    




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So you don't like a quiz ok thanks for looking

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denshaw no 2  no 3 no 9 correct

Cliff Ton  no 5 correct

beekay  no7 no 8 correct


In the lead   ""denshaw""

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This Quiz is all about Nottingham city pubs only 

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To answer benjamin 1945


Answer's to pub quiz

1/ Royal Children

2/ Trip to Jerusalem

3/ Newmarket

4/ The Corner Pin  (named after the game of Nine Pin Skittles)

5/ Old Dog & Original Dog& Partridge

6/QE 2

7/Ye Old Salutation Inn    Salutation meaning  Greetings Welcome

8/ Sawyer's Arms

9/ 8 Bells

10/ Pub Trumans  replaced by "Lloyds Bank"     


Thanks to all who took part.

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Just thought I would do a simple Christmas Quiz     easy-peasy


1/ song   What did the soldier ask Mr Churchhill to do?


2/ name of person   While Bing Crosby performed Little Drummer Boy who sang Peace On Earth?


3/name the song and singers  What Christmas song are these word's from? "I could have been some one, Well so could any one, You took my dream from me, babe I put them with my own.


4/ name/what it is  Who sat in a lonley Christmas Shop?

4b/   who sang the above song?


5/  Song/person who came calling ?           I come from a planet along way from here  and you could hear the sound of angels


6/song ?      you might get a kiss if you stand under this plant  followed by a drink


7/ What did my true love give to me on the 8th day of Christmas?


8/ name of group? Who wished it could be Christmas every day?


9/  person  ? Who got stuck up the chimmey 


10/ group?   who sang Do They Know It's Christmas?


11/What year did Highfields lake freeze over?


12/ What coins did you put in a Christmas puddong?


13,/  BBC2 New Years Day allways have a concert on from where?


14/ What year did Torvill & Dean win gold at the Olympic's skating the Boero?


15/ Who Killed Christopher Robin?


16/ What year was Snow White & the Seven Dwarf's released in the UK?


17/  Who saw mummy kissing Santa Claues.?


18/ When do Christmas Eve and New Years eve fall in the same year.


Hope you enjoy the Quiz if there are mistakes please excause me 

answer's  will be 14rh Dec my mums Birthday,

Hopefully we will get a meetup some time next year.






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