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The Council are looking for potentially offensive street names in Nottingham now. I can’t think of any offhand but  it will be an interesting challenge to look for them. You’ve only got to come out into the county to be offended by Blidworth Bottoms

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What of those roads in Basford that refer to the time of the empire? Isandula, Zulu, Egypt etc.

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I remember in the mid nineties reading a magazine article (in Canada) that said that political correctness would destroy the nation.  I remember thinking, that's a bit extreme.  Now I think we were both wrong.  It's destroying western civilization. 

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Her indoors has just called me a 'bloody idiot' when I told her Denshaws B&Q joke... can I be in charge now?  

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Thinking about the PC brigade, Facebook(I'm told I don't have an account),  now have a drop down list of gender options. It was 58 and is now 72 titles long. 

Here's the first 15 :-







Cis Female

Cis Male

Cis Man

Cis Woman

Cisgender Female

Cisgender Male

Cisgender Man

Cisgender Woman


I have no idea what most of that means. I also think Bigender should be hyphenated. Bi-gender

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I might had led a sheltered existence but I don’t know what ANY of those words mean, suppose Google will enlighten me, if I can be bothered. 

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35 minutes ago, LizzieM said:

 Google will enlighten me, if I can be bothered. 


Don't Google that kind of thing.


You know what happens when you Google any immediately get dozens of adverts and links to subjects which Google thinks will interest you, based on your search.

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To save some Googling;


I only became aware of the "Cis" group in the week as it was mentioned on T.V and had to be explained to the interviewer by the interviewee

The term hasn't been around for that long.

Cis... means you identify now exactly how you were born i.e Male or Female, Man or Woman, or as might have been described, Normal.


Cis came about to (try to) stop the use of  Normal, which could imply that other groups or descriptions are or maybe "Not normal".


Whoever came up with the idea seems to have forgotten to tell the persons previously described as normal about it as very few seem to know about it.

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