Rock City/ Heart of the Midlands/ Alexandra Skating Rink

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Looking for information about and images of Alexandra Skating Rink, Heart of the Midlands club and Rock City (pre-2010) for an article I am writing on the history of Rock City.


If you have any stand out memories of specific gigs or have any factual information about the venue while it was Heart of the Midlands or the early years of Rock City, please reply to this!


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Just got up, on ITV4, there is an episode of Robin of Sherwood with Michael pread? (Spelling) never watched it..liked the Clanad theme however, had a couple of girlfriend's that had a major crush on this 'Robin'!


Back on topic prior to Hawkwind playing rock city in, I think '85 I went to a party and there was this chap that looked like the said Robin, the girl's seemed to be fascinated by his balsa sword & he was dressed in the period costume.

The following night at the gig, the same chap took the stage for the one song and a mock swordfight!

Apologies for the ramble,who'd have thought it, previously I thought he deserved a maximum of four letters! ;)

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